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A quick update for all our members.

Firstly, all subsriptions paid for 2022 ensure that your membership is active and continues.

Secondly, thank you to you all for bearing with us during the transitional period. This has now completed and we will be producing some new photo offers next week.

One of these will be in the traditional offer style and additionally, we will have two extra offers for you, Falklands 40 and The Platinum Jubilee Collection.

With the physical move completed, to give you all an insight into the challenges, we moved 50 cabinets, containing around one million images. Some of this unique collection contains negatives almost 80 years old and some have been scanned, some have not. That's just one of the jobs we have in store, as we discover new images of ships to make available to you all.

After the physical move, came the next stage. Web hosting, computers, scanners and printers, much of it looked after by Jeremy at DVisions, who has been absolutely brilliant with all the back office IT. Back here in the actual office, we are striving to produce excellent quality prints, but have experienced some initial teething troubles, which were, in all reality, to be expected. We tried a few different approaches and in the end, decided that images for ALL orders should be re-scanned. With some negatives dating back 80 years, we endeavour to fulfill orders to the best possible quality that we can. 

And so, we move forward, ensuring the collection is secure and available to members, shipping professionals, the media and the public.

Louise and I, both consider us as custodians, rather than owners, looking after the largest collection of marine images in the world, so thank you once again for bearing with us.

Check out more news coming soon!

Nige & Louise