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August 2022 Naval vessels in the 1950s offer

A great selection of black & white prints from our older files. Name is followed by year built and flag. All photographed during the very early 1950s


Quote the Ref No. in the first column, ship name and size of print you require.

Ship club member price 6x4 inch £2.50 each / Non member price offer £5.00             

Ship club member price 7x5 inch £5.00 each / Non member price  offer £10.00

Ship club member price 10x8 inch £10.00 each / Non member price offer £20.00


These are special prices if you are a World Ship Club member.

Not a member? UK membership is £25.00 per annum, Europe & Overseas is £35.00 per annum.

Enquire for membership at m

You can make your payment using Paypal at: . you can use a valid debit or credit card. If you wish to order by post, please include a cheque, payable to Mr N Scutt.

Alternatively, a direct bank transfer can be made to:

Lloyds Bank Account: Nigel Scutt Account: 81081668 Sort: 77-63-20

IBAN: GB43LOYD77632081081668. BIC: LOYDGB21H33

BW1946 HMS Vanguard  (B23)                                1944 UK    At anchor, dressed overall

BW2432 HMS Theseus (R64)                                    1944 UK    At anchor, aircraft on flightdeck

BW3165 HMS Wrangler (F157)                                1944 UK

BW3170 Jacob van Heemskerck (C803)                  1947 DUT Departing Dover Harbour

BW3255 P1602                                                            1950 UK    At speed, with P5020

BW3632 HMS Boxer (F121                                        1943 UK    Pictured as a Fighter Direction Ship

BW3684 USS Pvt William H Thomas  (T-AP-185)   1942 USA  Making smoke

BW4479 Soembra (A891)

BW5772 HMS Ulysses (D169)                                    1943 UK

BW6039 HMS Pluto (M46)                                         1944 UK

BW6558 Noa  (DD841)                                                1945 USA  Passing White Cliffs of Dover

BW06915 HMS Welfare (M356)                                1945 UK

BW07629 USS Keppler (DD765)                                1947 USA

BW08334 USS New (DD818)                                      1946 USA

BW08335 USS Salerno Bay                                         1944 USA   Aircraft on flightdeck

BW08336 USS Basilone (DD824)                               1949 USA

BW08439 HMS Devonshire (C39)                              1929 UK

BW8879   Segura (DM6)                                              1945 SPA (ex-M05) Pictured off Gibraltar

BW9033   Lt Ter Zee Victor Billet (F910)                   1944 BEL (ex- USS Sheboygan)

BW9699   HMS Scorpion (D64)                                   1947 UK

BW9871 USS Charles R Ware (DD865)                      1945 USA

BW9904 P1051                                                              1950 UK

BW10311 HMS Apollo                                                  1944 UK