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About VAT

VAT in the UK and the European Union 

Value Added Tax (VAT) at the current rate of 20% is chargeable on purchases made by customers in the UK and the European Union (EU). By default, all prices on our site show prices including VAT.

Sales to VAT Registered Organisations Within the EU

Non UK individuals or organisations registered for VAT in other EU countries, and wishing to purchase goods without paying VAT in the UK may do so, in which case they will be liable to account for the VAT in their own countries in accordance with the 6th VAT Directive and their local VAT regulations.

To do this through our site:

1. When registering during the Checkout process, select "EU VAT Registered", from the Country pulldown instead of your country. Prices will then be displayed excluding VAT through the remainder of the transaction.

2. At the final step of the Checkout process (Order Confirmation), insert your Registered VAT Number in the appropriate box, including your 2 letter country code.

PLEASE NOTE: Although you can complete the order and payment process, your order cannot be despatched until we have your valid VAT Registration number.

Exports to customers outside the EU 

Where goods are shipped to customers from outside the EU, VAT is not payable and will be deducted after the registration stage of the checkout process.